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  • 在心情最低潮的时候...处理危机的应急方法



    • 1. 都会成为过去。你的过去不都是这样的吗?其实,逆境的心里因素要比客观的要大,事情不大,就是过不去这个坎儿。不过,他们总会成为过去。你的过去不都是这样的吗?
    • 2. 难缠的是他们舍之不去,丢了又马上回来。用转移法,不要陷在那里 。去走路.去看电影,去看朋友。一定要自觉不要陷在那里。
    • 3. 要反省自己,不要反省别人. 逆境是生活的调味辣椒,帮助我们成长,我们一定有什么不妥的思想和行为,要 开悟,反省自己错在哪儿。
    • 4. 如果你有信仰,依靠它,正是用得到它的地方。
    • 5. 有比你更不幸的。你也有美丽的片刻可以回顾。这是比较法,虽然不完美,但短期可能管用.
    • 6. 逆境是生活的调味辣椒,是挂在成功军服上的勋章,是人生的值得。





    • 姚明,《开讲了》。http://www.elcomelettronica.com/mywritings/education13.html    但是我们可以选择的事,面对结果的态度……虽然不会改变你的结果……但……将来发生的事情……怎样面对挫折的。这就是我们意志力所要提倡的东西。 



    《开讲啦》 黄怒波 苦难是一种财富


    《开讲啦 廖智:不抵抗 就能盛放





    内在要足:上瘾,不良嗜好的起因不是外在的触发物,根源在于因为内在还没満足,视频:http://www.elcomelettronica.com/mywritings/addiction.html  内在足了快乐,外面就自然免了。

    转移疗法: Use your thought to change 改变坏的不良嗜好的方法:视频:http://www.elcomelettronica.com/mywritings/attitude.html  用那个思想,用强烈的想念。转移疗法,用一个东西代替,离开那个境界


    在心情最低潮的时候...处理危机的应急方法 失恋以后,被炒了以后。。。更多。。我的个人网站【http://www.elcomelettronica.com/mywritings/DealwiththeAdversities.htm】 1. 都会成为过去。你的过去不都是这样的吗? 2.

    When the time is bad..

    • 1. Will be over, tomorrow be good.
    • 2. Diversion. Run! Dont stay at home.
    • 3. Read Physics: I must did something wrong, some thing to learn ...
    • 4. We over-think the badness, our mental, not the situation itself.
    • 5. Compare to the worse. Compare to your good time.


    Deal with the Adversities

    Excerpted by Franklin in Virginia, USA

    Adversity is the pepper of life. However, it makes people feel very uneasy and suffering sometimes. Here shares some tips; hopefully one or two of them help you to pass over the hard time:
    1. Most of the times, "fear", the inner feeling  is more than the difficulty itself. Put the worst result in front of you, and see how bad it can be.

    2. Be an observer of what’s happening, not a doer.
    3. Today will be finally the past. Tomorrow will be a fine day. It always happens in my life.
    4. Life is to learn, not to enjoy. Read the physics behind this arrangement, behind this test; read what God expects you from this “bad” event. Thanksgiving to this opportunity.
    5. Think the good in the past. Remember the good things in your life.

    5.5 Count your blessings, think of what you already had right now, this will give you a better feeling - You have a car to drive, a comfortable house to live in; you have belief in God … Thanksgiving and cherish how lucky you are compared to others, this will help you lessen your burden in your mind. Always positive; positive attract positive.
    6. When Lord close the door, somewhere Hes open the window. Bad is the messenger of good, but be patient.
    7. Never over-reacting into bad actions to regret in future. Many cases, it is because of the mis-understandings, rather harm yourself than involve others. Things will be over, God just play the joke on you, or test on you.