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  •   彭丽媛三首歌MP3(随机放):希望的田野,人说山西,俺家乡好

    mp3: The songs by Chinese first lady sings (she used to be a very famous singer in China): 1.The dream of my land; 2. My homeland; 3. renshuoshanxihaofengguang http://www.elcomelettronica.com//mp3/pengliyuanMP3/pengliyuanmp3.html


    Live not to achieve·Life to experience Why live?

    The world is a school. In the school, our job is to learn, not to achieve. We don't change the world; the world is classroom for us to practice our life, to enlighten ourselves and to appreciate life.

    Survive->bread->Life We human live for bread at first, then we eat to live. Life is not physical comfort only, but also the inner bliss. Inner fulfillment is more filling than the vanities. We cannot live just by bread; we need to enrich the bread. Life:spiritual awareness

    Man is an "amphibian" creature which consists of both body and soul. A wholesome man = Physical + Mental + Spiritual.


    Be Veggie is the Best Green green your life

    Being veggie is not an "ism" or religion. Be veg is an consciousness, an awareness, a healthy living attitude. Being veggie is a green charity.  More VIP become veggies   Benefits of being veggie

    Food not only affects our health, but also our mental and spirit. The way we obtain the meat and milk contains too much slavery sufferings of animals and these poor energy feedback us the long-term depressiveness foodfacts Correct veggie diet suffice our the nutrition and energy and stay away from poor health and bad luck.  Why veggie How to veggie